Pollination Services

We do at times rent our hives for pollination but it’s not really a desired as we cannot use the honey that is produced as it loses the “Local” attraction and becomes a blend of honeys.
  • If we receive a reasonable stipend from a farmer who is in trouble and can be assured of no pesticides in the area, we will make an exception. Loosing a large amount of bees due to the use of insecticides on a neighbouring farm is not uncommon and the introduction of chemicals in the honey is not desirable at all.

  • Never expect a beekeeper to loan you colonies “in return for the honey they’ll make.” Moving bees is hard work, and very few crop plants yield surplus honey. Pollination is a valuable service that warrants fair compensation.

  • Bee hives are almost always moved at night when bees are not flying and temperatures are cooler. Smaller beekeepers may screen hive entrances individually and manually load hives on and off a pickup truck. Be prepared for night-time arrival and arrange details in advance with the beekeeper about field access and hive placement.