Bee Removals

Feral Honey Bee Removal Service

During September, October, November and December in particular, bee swarms in Johannesburg increase in numbers very rapidly and often become hazardous or problematic to humans and pets, especially in highly populated areas.

We are well equipped and have the experience and knowledge to remove unwanted colonies of bees from structures where that may be problematic to humans or animals.

Essentially, we operate in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg as travel costs to outlying areas make our services uncompetitive.

We always remove the entire colony and re-home them in a productive hive somewhere in Johannesburg.

We do not exterminate.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • We only work after sunset as it is too dangerous for urban residence nearby to work in the day.

  • We charge for the service depending on the complexity and the base cost is R 800.

  • We would add on costs to the base cost for working at elevation, hiring equipment or scaffolding, number of return trips required, proximity to humans, amount and type of structure to be removed, etc.

  • We will always first come out and do an evaluation and then present you with a quote and a removal contract before the work is undertaken.

Please help us save the bees if they are bothering you and please don’t use insecticides in your garden.